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Thread: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and Media Extender XBOX 360.

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    Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and Media Extender XBOX 360.

    I have a Windows 7 Ultimate desktop with Media Center Extender and Xbox 360. I’m trying to setup media Extender to get my XBOX 360 to communicate (via hard wire) to my WMC7 PC but it gets failed every time. I tried searching Google for help, found some suggestions but nothing worked. When I checked Media Center log, I found the following error message:

    “Media Center Extender Setup failed as the Extender was detected on the network but the UPnP search for the Extender failed (timed out after 20000ms).”

    As per more info about my connections, my Windows 7 system has Microsoft Security Essentials installed as security suite, Xbox 360 Live connections working well without any problems. My Xbox and Windows 7 is connected on the same network with Netgear Router FVS318v3 with latest firmware and UPNP enabled.

    Any help for my issue?

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    Re: Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and Media Extender XBOX 360.

    Go under Start to All Programs, then Accessories and select open in Media Center as a Media Center Extender Manager. After selecting the Xbox 360, click Remove, and confirm. Turn on the Xbox 360 and going to Media> Media Center. If you had Windows XP Media Center that we will not be connected to the computer, just press Y and will be solved. Media Center already have been detected 360. Then we skip a Microsoft website), press A. If now says "Limited Network Connection" Give In to continue because if you have a manual IP on the Xbox 360 does not ask you for DHCP. See the below guide for more information.

    Xbox 360 Media Center

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