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Thread: ATI TV Wonder 600 USB-IR Hardware not detected

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    ATI TV Wonder 600 USB-IR Hardware not detected

    I purchased ATI TV Wonder 600 USB-IR device. I bought this from amazon. I am getting problem with it. I had connected my TV cable to the device and then the usb tuner is plugged to the pc. There are very few settings that required to configure the same. There are also very less connectivity. First it is detected and installed in the system. There is no error at all. But when I try to run Tv in media center it is not working. There is no signal. And in media center the hardware is not at all detected. Is there any special update required to run this in Windows Media Center.
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    If you are on Vista then you will face many issues. Vista has number of compatibility problem with different hardware. You have to ensure that it is installed in properly in Device Manager. As per my experience I had seen that windows vista only work with hardware that is officially certified. If it is not then it will not work even you are using the perfect driver. All you can do is look for a open source media center software that work with all type of devices. I had stopped using Visa MCE due to this problem while on my old system which had XP, things were better.

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    What is the actual issue you are getting. Is the TV not getting signal or you cannot found the hardware installed in your system. When you hook a new device windows show you a new hardware found wizard and it looks for proper drivers. Even if it is installed some windows update here is very important to ensure that everything is working fine. I had ran the same on Windows XP and it works. It was not a ATI brand but some different. There was a configuration cd with the device.

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    "IR Hardware not detected"

    I bought a new compaq PC window 7 premium 64 bit with inbuilt TV tuner card (IR receiver) Media center preloaded I Have connected the necessary hardware still am getting this Error "IR Hardware not detected".
    any suggestions?

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