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Thread: Windows Media Play Security Upgrade

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    Windows Media Play Security Upgrade

    I am trying to find the Windows Media Play Security Upgrade but am unable to get it from anywhere I can download it. I am getting some kind of error messsage if I am trying to download an audiobook from the library that my pc has, version needs to update so that I can download the book. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows Media Play Security Upgrade

    You should go to the Microsoft website where there is a method given for the issue that you are facing. You will have to close down all the web browsers and media player first and then open Internet Explorer and cut+paste that url address into the bar. After that the gray button can be clicked and then it should update the DRM security components in media player. This is the url address -

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    Incase you have got the same library like mine then you will have to download the Overdrive Media Console to access library media. After that you need to opn the console and you will be able to see a tool button on the top left of the Windows Pane. At the same place you will be able to download the security upgrade.

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    The upgrade security option under tools doesn't always work (I tried it 4 times) but the different solution worked with no problem! Thanks a lot!!

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