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Thread: Divx Subtitles with Media Streaming

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    Divx Subtitles with Media Streaming

    To watch Divx and MKV movies and also display the .srt subtitles with my Windows Media Player I recently installed a Divx plugin software and the DirectVobSub media codec, which is working fine. I have also enabled Windows Media Player 11 to server as a media center for the Playstation 3 across the wired home lan but I am not able to make WMP 11 to show the .srt filename subtitles while streaming the Divx and Mkv media on my PS3. Is there any way to do this?

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    When subtitle files are in the same folder as the media file then they will be displayed by Windows Media Player and you should also rename the .srt file similar as the media file. It also works for a media served from a web server or from a fine streaming media server on WMP. It might be that the PS3 doesnt know anything about the subtitle files and even if it does then it will not request that file or display it even if it requests it by default. You can use some programs that are available like video editors that can overlay subtitles from a file directly onto the video, making a completely new video file with subtitle text which is actually the part of the video picture, try this and see if you can succeed.

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    Re: Divx Subtitles with Media Streaming

    I know this post is pretty old, but think it can be helpful to everyone know that there is other options out there to get this done: Orb can create this 'overlay' transmitting both the video and subtittles together. But it needs to be with 2.0 version, 2.54 doesn't work atm.

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