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Thread: I can't find the external hard disk in "My computer"

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    I can't find the external hard disk in "My computer"

    This is Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005. System is working fine so far. Recently I bought a new HITACHI 2.5'' external hard disk and have used it on few computers, its working fine. But when am connecting it to this computer, I can see it as “USB mass storage device” in safely remove hardware icon but it is not visible in My Computers.

    Before I post the problem here I again checked it in my laptop and its still working good. So what could be the problem with my system? Any help or idea? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: I can't find the external hard disk in "My computer"

    Hi ChisholM, yoiu should check out these existing discussions describing the same problem, Hope you get some help:
    usb recognizing external drives, not showing up in "my computer"
    My External Hard disk can detect in my Xp Sp2 but cannot see in my computer

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