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Thread: How to stream videos in VLC through Windows Media Center

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    How to stream videos in VLC through Windows Media Center

    I have a Windows Media Center 2008 system. I am trying to stream video on VLC through it but yet failed to find success in it. I am looking for some kind of options that can help me to reconfigure the entire setup one of more time and make it work. The video files that I am trying to stream is mpeg. I had tried to re-encode the files but still the issue lies one and the same. Is there a way to do this. I do not want to use Windows Media Player.

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    re: How to stream videos in VLC through Windows Media Center

    Even I am trying the same. But VLC has no support for Windows Media Server. I had checked all settings but still due to some problem the video streaming does not work. It is much better to work on VLC Media Server and then stream the files directly through it. It is one of the most common standards and it is going to work well.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree with you, but there will be some way to do that. There are some disadvantages of using the existing media center application. The advantage of using VLC is that you can play any kind of video file in that. If Media Center can offer a option to use independent media player then it is much better option. It will allow to play a set of video files that are not read by other media players. And it works much faster compared to other media players.

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