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Thread: Windows Media Center Remote not working with Comcast Digital channels

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    Windows Media Center Remote not working with Comcast Digital channels

    I am having a Sony Vaio laptop with me. The model number of the laptop is Sony Vaio VGC-LT35E. It subscribed for the Comcast service. I got a STB that can be connected to the pc with the help of a extender. I managed to arrange everything. Comcast STB has a separate remote and Windows Media Center has a separate one. The remote that I got with the system is not working on Media Center while using Comcast service. Is there a way to use it with Comcast. The remote that comes with it works on it but has nothing related to my media center setup.

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    What OS do you have. Is it Windows XP or Windows Vista. There is some problem with Vista as it is a bit buggy about hardware. Also media center works with remote that is officially certified. You cannot just simply use any remote on it. The STB might respond on the remote but media center will not. The most complicated part to install is to add a IR receiver to the system. And there are ample of them available on the web. You have to just collect a compatible edition of hardware and then use it.

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    It is right that that all IR devices does not work on Media Center. You need to find officially certified remote only or else it does not work. There are number of DVR that you can use in place of media center. You just need to record some videos and there is many ways for the same. Connecting comcast directly to the media center can fail to work due to incompatible connectivity. The major issue lies with IR.

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