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Thread: Session 3 Initialization Failed

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    Session 3 Initialization Failed

    Since past couple of days my Media Center PC is freezing every now and then. I thought to boot in Safe Mode to analyze the problem. When I press F8 during boot up, system goes fine upto the black screen where Safe Mode option resides but then suddenly I get a Blue Screen with an error message saying:

    “Session 3 Initialization Failed. The stop message is STOP: 0x0000006F with a bunch of zeros in ( )”

    Somebody please help me getting rid of this. Thank you very much.

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    Re: Session 3 Initialization Failed

    In normal mode its freezing and getting blue screen during Safe Mode, its definitely a signal of Hardware failure. You need a technician to check it and change the faulty hardware. You can get more info about this here

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