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Thread: Registry Question: Broken Open Command?

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    Registry Question: Broken Open Command?

    I am running Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and have installed MalwareBytes AntiMalware and scanned the system with it and it found something called "Broken.OpenCommand". When I checked the detail then it indicated there is an issue with the registry entry at HKClasses_Root\scrfile\shell\open\command\

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    RE: Registry Question: Broken Open Command?

    You should not mess with the registry because if something wrong is done then you wont be able to recover your pc. Instead use the Malwarebytes only to scan your pc and remove all the nasties.

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    Re: Registry Question: Broken Open Command?

    Incase you are using any products from IOLO such as System Mechanic then this is quite normal.

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