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Thread: Media Center Extender Xbox 360 Video Playback Choppy Error Issues

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    Media Center Extender Xbox 360 Video Playback Choppy Error Issues

    I have a HP Media Center. There is a Xbox connected to the same. I want to stream the channels from PC to my Xbox. The streaming works well but there is some issue with drm I think. There are some protected channels which does not gives a better output. There is a gap of 10 seconds between the audio and audio. It does not stream regularly as it does in other channels. The video playback is not good at all. I updated the codec and also made changes but still it does not work.

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    There is some issue with Xbox while streaming video channel. It basically depends on the extender that you are using. Many uses a TV Tuner card with the gaming console. It works very well and there is no issue at all. You can try updating your video driver and check one more time whether it works fine or not. I had last time updated my video driver and audio codec. It started working fine and there was no issue at all. There are also some set of video codec pack available on web.

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    Where you are getting issue. While recording TV or while streaming. It is recommended that you check your hardware status. The driver and other required updates. If all of them is well and updated you will not face any problem related to that. I am using a TV Tuner card which gave me a really choppy video while recording. But after re-installing that the problem was solved. There was no issue at all.

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