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Thread: Media Center Freezes at launch on Xbox 360

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    Media Center Freezes at launch on Xbox 360

    I am not able to configure Xbox 360 with my computer. I have a Vista media center. I had see on web a video where you can stream your content directly from the computer to the media center with minimal configuration. The Xbox is not blocked by firewall. I had configured a separate port for the console. So it looks that there is no permission problem at all. I found a new problem here. The media center freezes when I try to access settings for Xbox. There is just a loading screen. My antivirus seems to working fine and it is not blocking the extender. Any idea behind this freezing issue.

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    Is there any external firewall in your network. A number of time different routers comes with firewall which can also cause this problem. The Media Center freezes because some security service is still blocking it from getting access. It is necessary that you find a proper way to get a working platform of sharing media content on the web. You can try to remove and re-add the media extender. This is one of the easiest way to fix Xbox 360 connectivity problem. If you were using XP then this would be much more easier.

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    Check for updates. You might get some working fix in that. I had faced a freeze issue number of time o Xbox. The dash board fails to work and later on after performing updates things went back to normal. I was having a nvidia device in my system and it was on the motherboard. But due to outdated drivers the issue occur. Later on running fresh drivers update things went back to normal and there was no issue at all. Go in Device Manager and ensure that all the hardware installed properly.

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