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Thread: How to play Mov files

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    How to play Mov files

    I am on Windows XP and I have some mov files which are not playing in Windows Media Player? When I am trying to play it via WMP then I can only hear the sound and there is no video? Can anyone tell me how do I play this mov file on my computer. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: How to play Mov files

    You cant play the mov files in Windows Media player. But anyways, did you check that it is a MOV file and not any other file for sure? If you right click on the video file in Windows Explorer and then select properties then what does the file ends with? I think that it could be a .mp4 file and quicktime might have associated its program icon. There are sometimes that WMP will play same files depending upon the decoders. In any case you can view the same file in both Real Player and Quicktime software if you would like.

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    Re: How to play Mov files

    Yes, download Quicktime which is now also fully compatible with the H.264 standard, to obtain, at a rate equivalent to a much cleaner picture with the codecs so far. The audio portion is not forgotten since QuickTime can handle flows composed of 24 channels. Compatibility with many formats is still advanced, we note the MOV, Apple Pixlet, AVI, MPEG, MPEG-4, DV, Flash, AAC, AIFF, WAV, MP3, M3U, etc; files can be played on the same software.

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    Re: How to play Mov files

    I would second that, because I am using Real Player that includes the latest media player, musical Jukebox and an integrated browser to listen to most common media formats on the Web. The suite includes a stunning audio player, multi-channel, with the ability to create playlists, etc. The built-in browser in Real Player makes web browsing easy as well.

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    Re: How to play Mov files

    You can also download and install Media Player Classic which is one of the few free media players that has built-in codecs for viewing DVD. Besides Media Player Classic contains decoder MPEG2, SVCD, DVD, provides support for subtitles in AVI, DIVX, SVCD, DVD and plays all formats, for which a plug-in DirectShow is used. Below are the key Features of Media Player Classic:

    - Does not require installation.
    - Watching movies in the resolution, which differs from the current one.
    - Arbitrary displacement and image scaling.
    - Capture screenshots and videos.
    - Playlist.
    - Ability to play the second audio track (in any supported format).
    - Ability to view incomplete or damaged AVI-files.
    - Additional formats: MOV, RealVideo, ROQ, FLI / FLC, OGG, flows in the format of SHOUTcast, Bink and Smacker.
    - Adjust the color and size of subtitles.
    - Play and capture video from TV-tuners.
    - Less than other players download RAM (up to 50%).

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    You can also try to convert the Mov file to some other file with the help of Prism Video Converter software and thus you will be able to view the video on WMP as well. Prism Video Converter converts your videos and DVD movies to other formats that you can also play on your mobile phone, your game console or a next generation digital video player.

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