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Thread: Microsoft ADPCM format 2 codec

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    Microsoft ADPCM format 2 codec

    I have a disc which I recorder a month ago and also played it once on this same PC running with Windows XP SP2 and Windows Media Player 11. Now after a month when I tried to play it again, I received an error message saying something like I need to install Microsoft ADPCM format 2 codec inorder to play that disc.

    Well, tried searching for the same on web but found just few results but the download was not given. Can anyone here please provide me the download link for same?

    Thank you.

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    As far as I know windows media player 11 is not compatible to play .ASF or ADPCM-in-ASF videos by default. Is that disc in this same format? If yes, you will need to download and install DirectShow-based or WMFSDK-based playback application to make them work on your system.

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    Re: Microsoft ADPCM format 2 codec

    Okay so I had the same problem. I had some sound files that I got from other sound files over the years. Then I install some other codec software, and one day I decided I would uninstall it. Big mistake. It seem to strip alot of codec files from my media player also. I scratched my head and went Hmmmmmm? Now what? So I did a web search, read that you had the same problem. I decided to trouble shoot the whole thing. I stepped away from my computer for 6 hours. Thought about it some more. then decided I would just start back at the drawing board. So this is what I did!

    By no means am I saying you should do this, but this is what I did and it worked for me. I dont know if it will work for you. step one. I uninstall media player ( from control panel ) to (add or remove program) to (add or remove window componets) Step Two. I tried to reinstall widow media player and then I go an error or warning that it needed a file. The file I needed was not located where the warning told me it should be. instead it was here C:\CMPNETS\MEDIACTR\I386\PLUS.CAB
    STEP THREE. From there media player finished installing. (completed)

    I then went back to my sound files I had problems playing before and everything worked fine from that point on. You could try this. see if that works. I am no expert. More as learning by trial and tribulation or error.

    So if my goof ups and stumble apons cure your issues, well peace be with.
    I they do not, well dont blame me I just told you what I did. I dont garrentee it will work for you. I always say keep trying. Thomas E. always said. I did not fail. I just found ten thousand ways it wont work. I say what the heck, got to try something.

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    Re: Microsoft ADPCM format 2 codec

    Okay, okay so I found a few more issues. Only I know I have resolved them now. The problem I had was with the way I had set up and enabled or disabled my K-lite Codec Pack. yes tinker ituss set in. I cant help it, it is not in my nature to mess around with stuff. I like to take stuff apart and try to figure out what makes it work. But anyways here was my problem.

    I had messed with the setting in K-Lite ( which I reinstalled again). I had to reset all my codec back to default. I put every thin back in place. Then my sound files worked in my sounds and audio device again. Like I said before this is what I did. Not saying it will work for you. just a thought. I hope my mistake taught us all something valuable.

    Have a nice day.

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