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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 Sharing Not Working

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    Windows Media Player 11 Sharing Not Working

    I have 2 Windows Vista machine and a Directv HR20 and also a XBox 360 devices on my home network. I dont know for sure how did the WMP11 sharing was working on 1 of the Vista machine but all of a sudden it has stopped working. Media was shared to all the 3 devices without any problems. I even checked under media sharing that all the devices were just fine with the allow checkbox that were ticked on all the devices. When I was doing some troubleshooting then I removed all the 3 devices and also other users of this computer. The devices didnt come back but other users came back on this pc? So it seems to me that these devices are not communicating with the Vista pc. Firwall is also turned off, so can anyone give me some fix for this problem?

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    It could be that you might not be able to to play protected content after your computer hardware changes. The Microsoft Windows Media Digital Rights Management (DRM) system may not work if you make changes to your computer hardware. You may not be able to play protected content. Protected content includes content such as songs that you have bought and downloaded from an online store. To troubleshoot this problem go to this webpage -

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    Can you try to go to the below webpage in Internet Explorer browser only. Proceed only after closing Windows Media Player and all other browser that you have open in your windows operating system and then can you click on the button to individualise the computer:

    Check now whether you are able to stream media to the Xbox or not.

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    Can you try to make sure that the device is able to communicate with each other or atleast on the same lan, for doing the same you can test by going into the router's admin page and check if the device is allocated with an IP address. After that you can check the sharing of the settings on Windows Media Player 11 by following the below method:
    1. First of all you need to click share my media, and then click on Settings button on the new box that comes up
    2. After that you have to make sure that you select all media types and All Ratings
    3. After that you can also put a check mark on Allow new devices and then options at the bottom

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