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Thread: Windows Media Player- C00D11B3: Encountered a network error

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    Windows Media Player- C00D11B3: Encountered a network error

    There something wrong with Windows Media Player in my case. There are few video link which i had watched using it a week ago but now when i am trying to check them out than it is coming up C00D11B3: Encountered a network error. What might be wrong??? Is there a way to fix it??? any help to fix this issue will be appreciated.

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    Have you tried downloading those files first on your hard disk and playing them later with Windows Media Player?? If not than try that out first. It it gets played fine after getting downloaded than i guess the video link might be having an intervening "proxy server" between you and the website. In that case you can open media player > Tools menu > Options > Network > Click on the button for configuring streaming settings. After that click on HTTP streaming and make sure that it is set to "Do not use a proxy server" rather than "Use browser settings".

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