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Thread: Missing Codec: Microsoft ADPCM Format (2)

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    Missing Codec: Microsoft ADPCM Format (2)

    I am using Windows Vista 32bit. Since last couple of days am facing some problems with my media player. Somehow I came to know that the problem will be fixed by installing Microsoft ADPCM Format. First thing that surprised me was that If its Microsoft’s own then why don’t have they included it by default in the system.

    Anyways, I tried searching for Microsoft ADPCM Format on Google but dint found anything. Do anyone of you know form where can I download this?

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    Re: Missing Codec: Microsoft ADPCM Format (2)

    As far as I know ADPCM is not compatible with Windows Vista and hence it will not work on your system. You will need to find out some alternate way to fix the problem.

    BTW can you tell what exactly the problem is with your windows media player?

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    Re: Missing Codec: Microsoft ADPCM Format (2)

    In Vista ASF will open in Windows Photo Gallery. All you have to do is ADD the folder containing the ASF files and you can PLAY THEM.

    Seems like the hard way to do it but .... it works

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