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Thread: Xbox can't connect to PC

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    Xbox can't connect to PC

    Hey guys, need some urgent help from you all. I am using Windows XP with Windows Media Player 11. I have enabled Media Sharing from the settings. Also I tested the connection and can see Xbox on my computer. But when I try to search PC in Xbox, it just cannot find any PC.

    I donít have enough knowledge in this. So can anyone of you guys please help me out?

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    Re: Xbox can't connect to PC

    I think there might be something wrong in router settings. BTW, have you enabled UPnP?

    Mean while you should check out this discussion on same problem, hope youíll get some help:
    Xbox 360 Media Sharing WON'T WORK!!
    Xbox 360 and Windows Media Player 12 not working together
    Windows Media Player 11 media sharing with Ps3 and Xbox 360
    Windows Media Player 11 Sharing Not Working

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    Re: Xbox can't connect to PC

    Hey, Iím also struggling with same problem. I checked my UPnP is ON, also all settings under linksys WRT54GS seems to be fine. I even checked above mentioned articles but none of them worked for me. Is there any working solution for the same?

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