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Thread: WMP11 on Vista fails to play WMV3 files

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    WMP11 on Vista fails to play WMV3 files

    There are some ASF file that have WMV3 encoded material with me. When I checked it with GSpot then it was showing me the following things:
    Codec info:
    Codec: WMV3
    Name: WMP v9 (VC-1 Simple/Main)

    I have Windows Vista on my computer and if I am trying to play the same file then I get a error message that WMP 11 cant play the file since the file type and codec is not supported. If am playing the same file on Windows XP computer then it will just play fine, so it seems that the files are alright. When I checked on the internet for solutions then everywhere it was told that the WMP3 codec comes preinstalled in Windows Vista. So, does anyone know what should I do next. Thanks for any information.

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    It could be possible that Windows Media Player 11 cannot play WMV files that contain multiple video streams. In Windows Vista, Windows Media Player uses Media Foundation to play video that is stored on the local computer. Media Foundation does not support multiple video streams that are intended to be played at the same time. A supported hotfix is now available from Microsoft that you can download from here -

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    Re: WMP11 on Vista fails to play WMV3 files

    Can you let us know that whether the same WMV3 file work on a second Windos Vista system or not. I dont think that without any pointer to an affexted file, it will be hard to say anything about it to get it started or fixed. If you can check on the second system that is installed with Vista then we could scope the problem in precise.

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    Re: WMP11 on Vista fails to play WMV3 files

    Even I am facing a similar kind of problem. I have got an .asf file with WMV3 video codec and also a wma2 audio codec. I have Windows Media Player 11 on my Vista system installed on my computer and the same file doesnt play. But the Windows Media Player Plugin in firefox as well as in Internet Explorer browser does play the file properly. But when I download the file and try to play it on the Media Player then it will not work. But if I am playing the same file in VLC then it will play properly.

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    Re: WMP11 on Vista fails to play WMV3 files

    I think that you will need a Quicktime Pro software that has all the features of the free version of QuickTime and offers many additional features for multimedia professionals. Example, you can export and convert your documents quickly in different profiles optimized for your top players such as iPod, iPhone, etc; and even for the web.

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