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Thread: License Migration to Windows Media 11

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    License Migration to Windows Media 11

    I am getting lots of license error on Windows XP. I am using Media Player 11 here. I copied all the songs from my desktop to a laptop. The desktop as old and worked on Windows ME. In laptop I am having XP. I had copied the license to the external hard drive where I had transferred all the music files. I am trying to play them directly from the portable media and getting this kind of error.

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    There is no way to transfer those license in a different computer. Windows Media Player will not read it. I will recommended to renew the license back. You must contact the source from where you got all those sound. I hope there might be some way of transferring those license. This is a common problem with number of people who end up with license problem in Windows Media Player.

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    I am also not happy with the same. I have some songs in my old computer which is almost dying. I cannot migrate the songs from there to my new laptop. I tried to contact Microsoft and locate information on it. But nothing was found. I need some help here to get the songs on my laptop. It looks the license has some information on which pc the song was downloaded and it is not identified by any other media player.

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