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Thread: Windows Media Player won't play *.mpg or *.mpeg

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    Windows Media Player won't play *.mpg or *.mpeg

    There is something wrong with Windows Media Player 9 in my case. Its not able to play *.mpg or *.mpeg extension. I have used same files with Windows Media Player 8 and i did not had any issue there but with Media Player 11 i get an error message saying "Windows Media Player has encountered an unknown error." if i click on the "Web Help" hyper-linked below it than i get another error message saying "You've encountered error message C00D11CD while using Windows Media Player. Additional information is not currently available for this error." I have tried reinstalling Media Player 9 but that's not making any difference. I cannot install media player 10 or 11 as i am running windows 2000. I have Quicktime 7 installed and it plays all *.mpg or *.mpeg extension without any issue don't know whats wrong with Media Player 9. I will like to know if there's any solution for getting *.mpg or *.mpeg extension played with Media Player 9 rather than reverting back to Media Player 8.

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    I had faced same issue after updating to windows media player 11 from Media Player 10. In my case i was running windows xp and had tried out all possible solutions to play *.mpg or *.mpeg extension with media player 11. later after trying out number of solution and getting tired, i simply uninstalled media player 11 and reverted back to Media Player 10. Currently i don't have any issue with Media Player 10 and i will be sticking to it until i run in to any issues further.

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