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Thread: Cannot rip to mp3 format from cd

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    Cannot rip to mp3 format from cd

    I had upgraded to Windows Media Player 11. After upgrade I tried to rip the music cd through it. I have a mp3 audio disc with me. But when I did the same I am getting a error message on my screen. There is a C00D10D2 error and then rip failed. I need some help to deal with the issue. The same thing use to work before on the older edition of Windows Media Player.

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    Check that your cd is not write protected. Some cd's come with drm. This cd's are protected and there is no way you can rip songs from a drm protected disc. There is no issue with Windows Media Player. It is written over the disc if the cd is copy right protected and ripping them would not be ethical. So better check first and then try out the same.

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    This can also be issue with codec in the system. You must download a appropriate audio codec for the same. Also there are set of codec pack that are available on web. You can download the same. Just check that you got the right codec and then install it. If that does not work then surely there is some kind of copyright issue.

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    Try this. Click the small arrow under sync, then select more options, then highlight audio Cd, click properties, then tick the "use error correction box" and apply. It worked for me. Good luck.

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    Re: Cannot rip to mp3 format from cd

    I've tried all of the stuff suggested above and loaded a bunch of extra codecs but to no avail. Nome of my CDs will now rip in Ver 11 of media player. Anyone with any other suggestions other than restoring pc to an earlier date pre WMP 11?

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