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Thread: Windows Media Player 11 Slow Sync

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    Windows Media Player 11 Slow Sync

    I did an upgrade to Windows Media Player 11 recently and if I am trying to sync Sansa C140 with some files then the process is very slow, it is taking almost 1 hour to sync 2 hours worth of music? The copying process seems to be fast but it gets stuck for so many minutes on "preparing to synchronize". I am having an AMD Athlon 2.1 ghz cpu and 512 mb ram which seems to me quite decent for the requirements. I dont know what else to do rather than going back to WMP 10 to solve this problem. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    RE: Windows Media Player 11 Slow Sync

    There are some kind of issues with Windows Media Player 11 and I will suggest you to install WMP 10 which has the capability to sync at a much faster rate. I dont know why such an upgraded version of the program is bugged. You can try to go in Add and Remove programs and then uninstall the latest version of WMP 11 and then download and install the WMP 10 version on your computer.

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    Even I was facing problems when upgraded to Windows Media Player 11 but was able to solve it. I had a Sony Mp3 player and what I did was first I wnet into My Computer and then accessed the Properties for the device that was giving me problem. After that we will get 2 tabs which will be >> General and Autoplay. Now we have to fo in the autoplay option and specify the Windows Media Player option, such as sync digital media files to this device. After choosing this we need to convert the Mp3's storage space into an easily recognizable format for WMP 11. After it is completed then syncing and copying files should become faster now. Hope this helps.

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