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Thread: Error C00D11B1

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    Error C00D11B1

    I am trying to stream a video online with Windows Media player 11 but it ends up saying something like Windows Media Player cannot play this file, This can occur when another program or Operating system component cannot communicate. It shows Error code C00D11B1 in the end.This is not the exact error message because the WMP is in german language and I translated it here.

    The error is only occurring when am trying to stream online, all other recorded or downloaded videos are working fine Windows Media Player. Somebody please provide some working fix for this.

    Thank you

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    Re: Error C00D11B1

    I guess that the video is using standard WMA9 and WMV9 content. So its obvious to have these error message if your system is missing the required decoders. Anyways, just visit the following Microsoft page and download/install the codec Once doen, restart the computer and try playing the video again. It should work fine.

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    I have the same problem.

    I upgraded my computer to an Intel coreduo machine, and simply moved my drives to this new computer. After this change over half my .wma files will not play in WMP 11.

    My configuration is a little diffenent in that it is on Vista Enterprise, rather than WinXp, but I have checked the Microsoft site for updates, and the report indicates that my system is up to date.

    I even installed a new Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio card in hopes of resolving the problem, since the error message indicated that the problem was related to my sound device not being able to process the file correctly.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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