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Thread: What exactly does "Apply Media Information Changes?" do?

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    What exactly does "Apply Media Information Changes?" do?

    I was doing some changes in my music file’s tags. While doing the same I came through an option called “Apply Media Information Changes.” I dint understood what it actually does as this is the first time I saw this option. Not sure but as far as I can guess it update MP3s with any tag changes, am I correct?

    I tried to find out info about this on internet but dint understood it properly. Can anyone please explain me what is use of this option? Am using Windows XP with WMP 11.

    Thank you very much.

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    So far I’m using Windows Media Player 10 and never came through this option. So don’t have any personal idea what for that option is. But as I want to know about it I tried searching Microsoft pages. Seems like they don’t have documentation for the same. But as far as my experience is with WMP, I guess it will overwrite your files based on the naming convention set when you rip music. Not sure about this.

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    Re: What exactly does "Apply Media Information Changes?" do?

    I may restore your albums..<particular songs> year if not mentioned,album art<picture>,This is a v.good feature if u copied the songs from som1....or downloaded from any website..>>>>tats the reason v should Apply media it can defrag those songs as per casted.....<in short it keeps ur song info updated if it's incorrect or not mentioned..>tats all...>>

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