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Thread: I am not able to get rid of Windows Media Player 11

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    I am not able to get rid of Windows Media Player 11

    I cannot get rid of Windows Media Player 11 at all. I want to remove it and want my old version back. I was using Windows Media Player 10 and it was much better. I through upgrade will offer more features, but it is founded as very slow. I need some more option to roll back the older edition.

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    It can be due to some broken system files which are causing the problem. It is recommended that you must try to install it again and then get rid of it. That is the best way to deal with this issue. Or else there is another better way. You can try using CCleaner. It will remove some broken files and you can then install the older edition of Windows Media Player over it.

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    It looks some kind of bug with Windows Media Player. The new edition does not goes off on its own. I think there might be some way to get rid of the same completely. Windows Media Player 11 is nice, but it lacks some features to play all kind of file formats. I am too struggling to get rid of the same. Does deleting its folder from Windows directory will remove it.

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    It happens due to broken system files. It is right that you can first install it to fix the files and then remove it completely. I do not think Windows Media Player is having any option that can allow us to get the older edition back again. CCleaner is really a good option, but you can only use it when you remove the software completely. CCleaner just wipe out the useless registry keys.

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