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Thread: error missing codec C00D10D1

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    error missing codec C00D10D1

    This is my fresh installed desktop with Windows XP and is running with Windows Media Player 10. I have more than 100 songs on my hard drive that plays fine without any problem but when I try to play any songs that I have downloaded from MSN Music, I get an error message saying something like “missing codec C00D10D1.”

    So far I have tried downloading whichever codec suggested by forums and websites but none of them helped. I thought reverting back to older WMP will solve the issue but yet no success. I have tried everything I know but nothing works with the songs downloaded from MSN.

    Is it just me or anyone else experienced this issue? If you guys have any working solution, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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    I don’t know what exactly could be the problem in your case because I have never faced any problem with the songs downloaded from MSN. Anyways, I found a guide on msmvps that say the following fix:

    Go to C:\Windows\System32\l3codeca.acm and rename the file to l3codeca.bak. Then open WMP and go to Help>>Check for Updates. This will re-download the decoder and place a new copy on your system. If that does not do it then go to Start | Run | Type “regsvr32.exe l3codeca.acm”

    Just try it out and see if it works. If not, then follow the other steps mentioned here.

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    RE: error missing codec C00D10D1

    I appreciate your help friend. And thanks for that guide url. I tried everything mentioned over there but nothing worked for me. Still getting the same problem. Any other help please?

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    RE: error missing codec C00D10D1

    Hey dude, you are not alone. Even I’m facing the same problem. It is WMP 10 and have downloaded 5 songs from MSN. None of them works and gives me the same missing codec error. Did you found any solution for the same or we are just wasting our money on MSN Music?

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