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Thread: How to play 10 bit Video Format?

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    How to play 10 bit Video Format?

    Hi guys recently I have downloaded the 10bits video. Most of the people who encoded and uploaded the videos are claiming that 10 bit format is the future. They are also saying that the quality is also equal to the 8bit but with the smaller file size. Idea is not bad but I just wanted to tell you that some of the media player is having a problem with the 10 bits video. I have already played the 10bit video on KMPlayer, SMplayer, VLC, SPlayer & Media Player Classic but they don’t play properly on that. Can anyone help me so that I can solve this issue?

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    Re: How to play 10 bit Video Format?

    Yes I have gone through your query. I think you have to use a codec software. Codec is nothing but they play compressed file in the format of decompressing in the memory. It will add the specific codec and let you play the file which is compressed in that file format. I would suggest you to use the 10bit video codec.

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    Re: How to play 10 bit Video Format?

    I just wanted to say that installing the external codec, I totally dislike but the problem has to be solved. Other solution won’t be perfect for me. Here I decided to just install the codec pack when I installed it then I saw that it succeeded. I can say that its bundle media player clearly that can handle the 10bit format video.

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