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Problems viewing movies on Media Player

Media Player

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Old 13-10-2011
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Problems viewing movies on Media Player

Hi there...

I'm new to this site and would appreciate any help you can give me on this matter.

I recently bought a new laptop and I am currently in Korea. They converted the system over to English for me and I was on my merry way. However, when I took it home, everytime I turned it on it told me that 'systray' wasnt working. I didnt have a clue what this was and brought it back. Because of the language barrier, they couldnt explain to me what the problem was but said it was fixed.

I began downloading series and movies from a fairly popular website (btjunkie) and installed anti-virus. However, on several occasions, when I was viewing a movie or a series through the Vuze player, the screen started going alll jittery - it kept minimizing and maximizing by itself and really quickly. It only happened once every now and then, but over the following weeks it got worse. Buttons started flashing when I was online and the mouse started jumping all over the place. I began to think that I had a virus. When I did a system scan, nothing came up. However, I am aware that not all viruses are picked up in such a scan.

I brought it back to the shop and tried to explain what was happening but again, my sparse Korean and their sparse English made this difficult.

In the end, they said it was a virus and had to wipe everything. They couldnt tell me where it was from, so when I got it home, I installed a better anti virus and a firewall. When I plugged my digital camera in to load photos, my new anti virus immediately told me there was a threat detected and a malware warning. So I removed the camera and moved the virus to the vault.

However, when I began viewing a program again in Vuze, it began going crazy again. I tried it in Media Player and it did the same. Then I played it in Gom Player and it seemed fine. My friend seems to think that it could be a hardware problem rather than the files themselves.

I dont want to have to bring it back again because the language barrier makes it difficult to explain. If anyone can suggest anything Id be very grateful. Its brand new so should it really be doing this?

any help appreciated!!
thanks :)

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Old 16-10-2011
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Re: Problems viewing movies on Media Player

Seems to me as a problem with the Vuze player, i dont know why media player is behaving the same way. However i would advise you to uninstall and reinstall the vuze player software from a trusted player.

Now the major damage has been done by the files which had virus activity in it and so that in turn damaged the player as well. Thats what the issue is with you, do a full system scan from a trusted antivirus and then reinstall the vuze player again and then try playing the files. Mostly it should not give any problems at all.
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