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Thread: Security component upgrade (greyed out)

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    Security component upgrade (greyed out)

    I have bought a new DVD which gave a digital copy option. So, when I am trying to activate the digital copy then it is telling me to first upgrade the security comonents of Windows Media Player. So, it gave me a link to click on a link which had an upgrade box which was grayed out and I cant click on it to begin the downloading. I am running Windows 7 and I think that I have Windows Media Player 12 installed on my computer. What shoud I do to fix this problem. Thanks

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    This issue occurs because the Windows Media DRM system maintains information based on the hardware configuration of the computer. If certain components are changed, Windows Media DRM may not work because it may view the change as an unauthorized attempt to move protected content to another computer. To resolve this issue you have to restore your computer to the original hardware configuration or to the original BIOS settings. Restoring your computer will probably correct these issues. For more information go to this link -

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    Follow the below method to solve the problem that you are facing:

    1. You have to first of all double click on Internet Explorer to start it.
    2. After that you need to choose Tools from the top menu, and click Internet Options.
    3. Now, a panel will pop up, here just select the Security tab.
    4. After that you have to uncheck the option for “Enable Protected Mode (requires restarting Internet Explorer)”
    5. Now you can try to click Apply, OK, and close the Internet Explorer browser.
    6. After that restart Internet Explorer and go to the address
    7. Check now, the upgrade button should be working fine now.

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    You can upgrade a security component of your digital media player to play the protected files that were obtained before you upgraded to Windows Media Player 11. To install the security component upgrade, you can try to follow the workaround given on this microsoft website here -

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