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Thread: g2m3 Codec

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    g2m3 Codec

    I am having few video and audio files I got from my friend. Whenever I try playing them in Windows Media Player 11 (on Windows Vista), it asks me for some G2M3 Codec. I don’t know what kind of codec is it, never heard about it. So request you guys to please let me know where can I download this codec for Vista? Please provide the download URL. Many thanks.

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    Even I never heard about this before but I did a simple search on Google and Bing and came to know that it is related to Citrix product named “GoToMeeting.” So it is available for download on Citrix’s official site itself. And there are few details available on Microsoft as well, click here.

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    The microsoft link didn't work for me. However, I was able to get the codec easily and quickly by following the instructions on this site:

    G2M3 Codec for Download

    Sorry, messed up the link for downloading the G2M3 codec. Here it is:

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    Re: g2m3 Codec

    the link ?

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