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Thread: Share photos through Windows Media Player 11 on DLNA LCD stored on Iomega NAS drive

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    Share photos through Windows Media Player 11 on DLNA LCD stored on Iomega NAS drive

    I need some help here to view photos on LCD TV. The TV that I had purchased is DLNA compliant. I found this feature is supported by many devices and you can directly view photos or videos on it. I am using Windows Media Player and a NAS drive. All multimedia files are located on the NAS drive. I can view some files through local media sharing on the TV but it is not reading the NAS at all. There are lots of files and it will be time consuming to transfer all of them to the laptop.I want some direct way of sharing them. The NAS drive is attached to the laptop and the LCD also.

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    The TV supports DNLA, but did you checked that your NAS drive also supports the same. If yes then only you would be able to stream the content of NAS drive on your TV or else it will not read it. It is better if you can create a media server type thing. Put all your multimedia files at the single place and then stream it wherever you want. Leaving the LCD behind, you can simply get all the files on the laptop with minimum configuration. You can add those files in Windows Media Player library and then try to view them on other devices.

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    It is best to check for UPnP feature. This allows you to detect and read files just by connecting. Whatever devices who comes with UPnP feature are compatible and does not require any setup. You can try connecting the nas device directly to the LCD. See that you are able to get the file streamed or not. NAS drives are best for sharing files on Windows platform.You will need some kind of media server thing that give you a common platform of file sharing.

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    Get a nice media server software and migrate the best photos and videos to your computer. I am sure it is going to help you much. Windows Media Player supports streaming multimedia files to a TV but somehow you cannot get that directly through the NAS device. As it works on different platform. It is configured to share files from the laptop or computer. You can try converting the files to the most common format available.

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