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Thread: .avi files wont play; error code COOD1199

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    .avi files wont play; error code COOD1199

    Hello All,

    I was free from my college So I thought of clean the dust from my machine. I opened my machine to clean it. Now the problem I am facing with my machine, most of my .avi files on my external HD are not playing. I am have installed windows media player 11 on windows xp professional. Please check the URL with error code

    I am not sure what happened to my system But I am sure I did some stupidity. Mostly I used to take a take a help from my friend, but as of now he is not available. I have lots of data, I am not able to understand whether the files on internal HD are fine, and some files on my external HD are fine. When I am clicking the Properties of those working files, it display information what codec is being used for that file. And the files which are not working no information is provided. Even I tried my best to search for the error code, I was just able to find the answer to update the Xvid Codec. I have update the codec but still I am not resolve the error code. Can you please help me to fix this problem ?

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    Re: .avi files wont play; error code COOD1199

    Can you please tell me which codec file use ? Well 0x80040265 means the file is not present or appear to be a valid AVI any longer. It's very difficult to say without take a look at any of the files in question.

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