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Thread: burned an audio cd ,but not working in my car stereo?

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    burned an audio cd ,but not working in my car stereo?

    Recently I have burned a Audio CD using my windows media player 11. Now the problem is that I am able to listen this CD on my computer but whenever I am trying to play this CD in my home theater or in my car, I am not able to play this CD. CD is only displaying one file on the display and its not playing as well. They are nearing 30 files on the CD, and they all are in mp3 format. I am not sure what is happening Can you please help me ?

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    Re: burned an audio cd ,but not working in my car stereo?

    CDs having a traditional format is PCM, that is high resolutin .wav which is supported by WMP. If you burned as PCM, in proper order, newer stand alone CD player will be able to play it. In my opinion very few, very early CD player and player that have drifted off their standard settings. New CD players will be able to play Mp3 files or .wma files which recorded on them. MY Car Audio is almost 3 years old, I am not able to Mp3 files or .wma files on it. I would suggest to buy a new stand alone CD player that which will support MP3 CDs in the PCM format. If you have songs on your CD, rip them as .wav and burn them. If you have MP3 files you need to convert them to .wav format before burning the CD. Well I know this is not a good idea unless you have only mp3 files to start with. The reason behind this is that PCM is an uncompressed format and mp3 is compressed format file system. Even the quality of the CD will be good when you start with an uncompressed format. I hope I am able to make you understand and able to help you out.

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