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Thread: Solve Windows Media Player video & audio problems with K-Lite Codec Pack

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    Solve Windows Media Player video & audio problems with K-Lite Codec Pack

    Some of us were having problems playing back 640x480 AVI files from our digital cameras on Windows Media Player. See the thread at:

    After working on the problem, on & off, for a few days, I discovered that K-Lite Codec Pack will find and repair codec problems that seem to cause WMP playback problems. When I installed K-Lite I checked the "associate k-lite codecs with windows media player" option.

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    Re: Solve Windows Media Player video & audio problems with K-Lite Codec Pack

    I donít agree with you, infact I just hate K-Lite because it is a garbage bag containing a huge lots of software you don't need at all. hence Iíll suggest people to just avoid using Klite.

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    I have a solution to your problem. This has worked for me, and I hope, it will work for you. I am the owner and founder of a electronics community known as Core. Since I founded Core on April 19, 2009, it has become a hub for tech support and discussion alike. Alright, so here is how you can rectify your most unfortunate problem. Try to play the audio or video file that you are trying to play. When you see the "!" next to the file name in Windows Media Player, you should right click (not left click) on the name of the file next to the "!". Upon doing so, please click on "Show Information on the Bug" or something like that. Then you should go to "". If this does not happen, does not work, or it doesn't have that thing to click on (or something else), then you can go to the official Core forum for and ask for assistance, this forum can be found

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