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Thread: UPnP DLNA client players for windows

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    UPnP DLNA client players for windows

    Is there any software for DLNA that would be compatible with Windows operating system. I have checked and found out that everyone has their own media servers but am not able to find any UPnP media players for Windows. To gain access to centrally manager media DLNA was designed to allow media devices like music players, dvd players and photo devices, if I am not mistaken. I just need DLNA clients on all the Windows computer in addition to access all my media through one interface and Windows Media Player does not seems to act as a client. I even tried WinAmp but that doesnt work, so is there any other windows based UPnP clients that can be used. Thanks

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    RE: UPnP DLNA client players for windows

    It usually depends on what operating system you have. Windows XP has the capability to act as a UPnP server but not as a client. I have heard that other UPnP compliant devices are able to play its content but you wont be able to play the content of other servers on Windows XP, although Windows Vista can do both.

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    Re: UPnP DLNA client players for windows

    There are some guides given for DLNA Device Implementation that consist of 2 parts which you can download from here - , it will let you know what all things are to be done. But apart from that since the files are in .pptx files, so you will need to download the powerpoint slide reader to view them on your pc, incase you dont have office 2007 installed, download the Office PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from here -

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    Have you tried using the On2Share Pro plugin which is an UPnP Enabling suite for your favorite Media Player. With On2Share comes the On2Share UPnP AV Media Server, Renderer and control point. With On2Share Pro you can share your Windows Media Player and Winamp playlists or local media folders to UPnP devices in your local network. With it you can access other UPnP Media Servers in your local network.

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    Re: UPnP DLNA client players for windows

    Thanks for the recommendation but the thing is that I am not able to get it to stream any videos served up with Tversity, Macrovision or Twonky and I even tried it on both the laptops that I have which are installed with Windows XP.

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