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Thread: Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

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    Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

    Can anybody tell me how this can be done.

    My recently added folder is gertting bigger and bigger with all the new music I have added over the past few weeks.
    I have found various posts of people with simlar problems but no real answers.

    These include:
    1. Going to the securtity tab in options and clearing history. This does not work
    2. Deleting items from the list individually. This does not work deletes from the main library too.
    3. Going to Microsoft support and downloading a fix. This does not work, no such problem listed.
    4. Getting the latest updates. This does not work. I already have all the updates.

      So if anbody has the real solution. Please respond
    5. Serching Register Editor. This does not work. No entry for Recently added
    6. Searching folders for settings in explorer. This does not work, found settings and deleted them no difference.

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    Re: Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

    You can do the following things to delete or remove the recently added list.

    1. Goto Now Playing Option

    2. You can more Option Click on it.

    3. Click on Privacy. You can see the Clear History Option. Click on it. If you dont want to save the files list then Uncheck the box (Save File or URL history in the Player).

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    Re: Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

    MS have a Windows Media Player Power Toys pack with various programs in it including clearmru.exe, which clears that file list.

    The download is about 3MB, but after downloading you can discard what you dont want and just keep the clearmru.exe if you want.

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    Many thanks for your replies but these two sugestions don't work either.

    Its the Recently Added Folder I am trying to clear, not the Most Recently Used (MRU)

    Does anybody else have any ideas how to fix this problem?

    Brilliant, thanks. Changed the date by a year and then back and its all clear. Many thanks

    Yes it’s a strange one. l have tried allsorts of things. Since my previous post I haven’t looked closely until today. Looking in my recently added list now and right clicking each item "open file location" I find that the oldest item is November 2008. I reckon that "recent" must mean in the past 6 months. Re-cycling the system date back and forth beyond 6 months must reset the entire library to “recently added” after a reboot.

    Unless some geek comes along with a simple fix, “think I’ll just have to sit this one out.” (Pity Gary McKinnon was banned from using the internet while waiting extradition for hacking, bet he could fix it, could probably get into our PCs and do it remotely in fact . . .)

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    Have had the same problem after hunting and hunting i thought that setting the time 1 year ahead had worked BUT when i rebooted the system there they were again EVERY Dam song on my computer is "recently added"

    Any other suggestions!!!

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    Re: Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

    You could try to create an auto playlist that mimics the Recently Added-playlist. In the Media Library, right-click on Playlists in the tree on the left and click Create Auto Playlist. Enter a name for the playlist and add the condition "Date Added" under "Music in my library". You can then further customize the condition to something as "Date added is after last 30 days" or "Date added is after yesterday".

    This will certainly not clear the Recently Added-playlist, but it will at least offer an alternative that contains less items.

    I guess that the condition for the default Recently Added-playlist is something like "Date added is after last 6 months", which explains why it can grow so large.

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    Re: Clearing Recently Added list in Windows Media Player 11

    The only answer that worked for me is to change the year by making it one year from now. Do this by clicking on clock icon at bottorm of screen or do it in control panel. This removed the recently added folder completely. I also picked up someone else's suggestion of making my own play list: Right click on Playlist in Library view. Choose `Create auto playlist'. Set criterion by choosing date. I set mine for `yesterday'

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