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Thread: I have sound but no picture on video MPEG's

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    I have sound but no picture on video MPEG's

    I have a Dell laptop in Office running with Windows XP and Windows Media Player 11. There is a video in MPED format, whenever I play the same in WMP, I can only hear the clear sound but there is nothing on the screen. No Picture, just complete black screen. Any idea what could be the problem and what I need to do to get the picture as well? Am I missing any settings?

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    Re: I have sound but no picture on video MPEG's

    In order to play MPEG files in WMP, you must have DVD decoder installed on your system. Do you have the same? If you are not aware of it then better download this utility and run. This will help you know whether it is installed or not.

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    Re: Need assistance with code C00D0FB0

    Here are few settings that you need to enable. Just open Windows Media Player and click the small dropdown icon in the RIP tab. Now click on More Options, click Devices Tab, Click CD drive and select properties. Here just make sure that both Rip and Playback are set to Digital, and leave error correction on. Once done, see if you are now able to play the video.

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