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Thread: music, but no voice.

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    music, but no voice.

    I am trying to watch a movie on my pc and for some reason there is nothing I can hear what the actors are saying on my computer, even though there is music. I am able to hear the soundtrack but the sounds and speech are not there at all. Even with the Windows Media Center I am facing the same problem. It seems be a setting problem but I cannot recollect what was it. So I come here asking you to help me. Thanks

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    Re: music, but no voice.

    The issue that you are facing when you play a movie with surround sound and your pc is set for surround stereo and you dont have center channel speaker. This dialogue in a surround sound movie is sent to the center channel speaker and incase you dont have them then you will not hear the dialogue or hear it at greatly reduced volume. And this results in only music that you hear from the front speakers. So, you have to st the sound for stereo if you have left and right speakers.

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    Re: music, but no voice.

    Can you check in the quick launch area of the monitor screen at the bottom if there is a speaker icon and then right click on it. You will then get different options for selection, click on the "adjust audio properties". After that you need to click the advanced button which will be under speaker settings. This will then allow you to set up for mono, stereo, surround etc speaker systems, depending on what you have exactly with you.

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    Re: music, but no voice.

    Follow the below method and see if that works:

    1. On the start screen, scroll to Tasks, click settings, and then click General.
    2. Click Windows Media Center Setup, and then click Set Up Your Speakers.
    3. Follow the steps to set up your speakers.

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    Re: music, but no voice.

    I had the same issue with my laptop computer and windows media player (wmplayer) where the sound had no voices or only minimal voices. I solved the issue by disabling SRS WOW.

    Keywords: missing voices, windows media player, wmplayer, no voices, karaoke

    Thank you!

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