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Thread: VOB converter?

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    VOB converter?

    We have few video files in .VOB extension taken from Canon Camcorder. Am using Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11. These play fine in WMP on my PC but when try to burn them on a DVD, it says that there is no files to burn. I donít know why Vista is recognizing them to burn.

    Spent some time on internet and found many people saying that any third party video converter can help in this. They say i should convert the files in standard dvd format and then try to burn on DVD.

    Well no problem, I just wanted to know which one will be the best converted for VOB file that should not hamper the quality of the videos?

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    RE: VOB converter?

    I have tried many such converters but the best I found in all is either Virtual-Dub or Chopper XP converted. Both of these are good and effective but ifyou go with Virtual-Dub you will find it bit difficult. So just Google for ChooperXP, download, install and convert your videos into AVI and burn to DVD.

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    Re: VOB converter?

    Yes, u can convert vob to video formats, such as mkv, avi, mp(e)g. The formats I mentioned above can supported by Windows DVD Maker. U can use it to burn yr videos into a DVD.

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