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Thread: Windows Media Player 9. Error message: C00D0FCF

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    Windows Media Player 9. Error message: C00D0FCF

    I have some mpeg's videos but whenever i am trying to play them with Windows Media Player 9 i get Error message: C00D0FCF. I don't know whats going wrong. what can i do t play those videos without any issue in Media Player ?? does any one have any idea about this error???

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    Re: Windows Media Player 9. Error message: C00D0FCF

    Error message: C00D0FCF occurs when the file that is played in Windows Media Player is in use by some other third party player. So just check out for that and free up those files from other players that you might be using and try playing them with Media Player only, best of luck.

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    Re: Windows Media Player 9. Error message: C00D0FCF

    You will need to install KLite Mega codec pack to play that file in Windows Media Player. It is a free codec which has more than 40 video and audio codecs from Xvid , DivX and Matroska for movies to OGG , FLAC and AAC for songs. The Mega Edition of K-Lite Codec Pack includes filters and extra codecs and also comes with eight different profiles. For example, if you want all codecs and also install the excellent built-in player, Media Player Classic, select the profile 7. On the other hand, if you prefer to have only the essential codecs K-Lite Codec Pack, opts for Profile 5.

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