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Thread: PS3 is unable to read files on Windows Vista Media Server

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    PS3 is unable to read files on Windows Vista Media Server

    I am facing a bit issue on Windows Vista. I had upgraded to Windows Media Player 11. I also have PS3. I had shared all the content on the network but still PS3 is unable to find those files. Just for testing I had added a laptop on the network. It is able to read the files. The notebook has Vista premium. But somehow PS3 is not able to access anything. I checked my settings in media sharing. By default all things look well, but still PS3 has nothing to play. What should I do.

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    Did you have a router in between of the PS3 is directly connected to the computer. If there is a router then you have to enable a separate port for it. Adding the port and unblocking the same completely is more helpful in many ways. Second thing while accessing files you must disable your security applications for a while. For example the firewall. Disable that and then see whether it works or not.

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    I am having the same issue with Xbox. I had connected it on the network but still it cannot see any of my shared content. I had checked all the settings. All media files are shared and are visible in other computers. The file are only visible when I disable Firewall. It looks a bit complicated to understand why this is happening actually. You must also disable your antivirus or firewall for sometime and then ensure that it works fine or not.

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    I have had a similar problem with windows 7. I resolved it by going to 'turn windows features on or off' check the WMP box, the computer prompts to restart. When done simply turn WMP back on and set WMP to share media again. This did the trick for me. It did kick me out a few times afterwards but just repeat the process and it seems to get used to it. I wish I had a good answer for you. If it's ANY consolation, your detailed explanation of everything you did to solve your problem helped me with my problem with the same symptom of Network Discovery automatically turning itself off. My "UPnP Device Services" was not running and my streaming worked after I enabled that, changed Network Discovery to ON and it actualy saved. However, I had to turn both my computer and PS3 off, start the computer, then start the PS3 in order for it to find my laptop. I sure hope you find a solution!

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    re: PS3 is unable to read files on Windows Vista Media Server

    This is one of the oddest issues I ever ran into. Long story short, I had been receiving issues similar to what was posted above. No other PC's\Devices could see my Win XP machine sharing media. The system event viewer, whenever I attempted to share media through Media Player, would show error messages no attempting to start the sharing service. I somehow fixed this issue, and I think it was a combination of giving the sharing service access to log on as the local system account. The second action was to uninstall Windows Media Player 11 (which actually rolls it back to version 10), and then I re-installed version 11. Here's where things are fuzzy, it didn't immediately work for me. I eventually shut down my PC, and the next day I restarted it. At that time, I started up a second PC on my local network, started media sharing on the second PC, and noticed that my Pc with actual stuff to share was finding network devices and requesting that i share media. From here I checked the event viewer again, and sure enough I wasn't receiving any error's. Sorry I cant be more specific, but I am hoping this helps piece this problem together for anyone else having issues, I know this is pretty darn frustrating..

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    re: PS3 is unable to read files on Windows Vista Media Server

    THIS IS THE ANSWER TO MANY CONNECTIVITY ISSUES: If you cannot see the "unknown device" listed or when you click on "turn on media streaming" and nothing happens, DO THIS:

    1. Navigate to: C:\Users\%userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Media Player
    2. Delete all of the *.wmdb files
    3. Try again.
    4. Smile and give praise to the Skoonch

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    Re: PS3 is unable to read files on Windows Vista Media Server

    First of all you need to ensure that you define folders in WMP that you want to share. After that go to Network and Sharing Center and swithc off password protected sharing. After that assign extra Folders Locations manually and then right click on the folder you want your PS3 to access and choose Properties. Now click on Sharing Tab and then click Share where it displays "people to share with" and then type Everyone and click Add > Share and press ok and close it. Restart your computer so that everything to enable. Finally, you need to start your PS3 and thats it, you can see that the folders and files are getting shared.

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