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Thread: Post your Download Speed

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    Systemic Anamoly Guest

    cant believe my eyes as well as ears that calcutta(north) progressed to such broadband
    the only available was net4india 64k connection @ 1000PM and that to 4 years ago i dont know bout now.

    where do u live in kolkata i lived @ lake town

    PS: which package are u using exactly and can u tell me the price for ZOOM Pack and cyber plan 20 and also whether there is a download limit or not
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    Jun 2004
    I use two connections.

    1) Dialup
    company- Dads companys private phone, private server, taken 6mb lease from Satyam, giving away free internet to employees.
    charge- free
    Uptime- has gone down only 4 times since 1.5 years, virus attacks, sasser is still in the network.
    Speed - 3.8kbps+, can get upto 13kbps stable speed if the server goes crazy(often does)
    Area - Wherever Tata Steel is present.
    recommended- U can't have it. Only employess

    2) Dailup + Daddy
    I connect to dads PC in office via RDP and download stuff there or through there to my PC, I get around 375kbps from microsoft sites

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    zealot Guest

    ThumbsUp cox

    Cox High Speed Internet(

    $40 per month.

    Connection speed: 4 mbps downstream
    512 kbps upstream

    Download speeds: Vary from 500 to 550 kBps.

    Downtimes: Never

    recommended? Surely if available

    I'm using 802.11 g wireless lan at home which gives the above mentioned speeds.There are 5 other ppl sharing the Lan. The download speed gets dwindled depending on their usage..(like if someone is watching streaming video)

    Ppl..I was spell bound when I saw these speeds my place in India, i used to get 4 to 5 KBps and that too with difficulty in getting in connected.
    Now, I am using wireless Lan at home in US with download speeds of 550 KBps.Man, my internet life can't get better.

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    Systemic Anamoly Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Wraith
    Pacenet has become really sucky as of now!! and my Cablewalla charges me 1200/- for a 64kbps line!!!!

    lols u say the cablewalla charges u 1200/- for a 64kbps connection then how did pacenet become sucky??????

    call @ this number

    Surquan: - 26742465

    he is the marketing guy of pacenet and see wht pacenet actually charges...

    btw has ur cablewalla done fiber optic connection or the normal co-ax

    if its co-ax then your cablewalla is cheating u


    Woah wish we had T3 in india
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    Aug 2004
    I dunno abt the cabling...but 1200 bucks is definately too much but i have no options..i stay in Hindu Colony,Dadar(E).I tried to get a connection from a diff guy but it couldnt be done coz u know how the cablewalla's work!! The other guy refused to give me a connection
    And Pacenet has become sucky coz the d/l speeds have become miserable i used to get 7-8k d/l speed constant earlier now of i get 2-3k barely...the supposed engineer from Pacenet comes to my place sees the speed..calls up some1, does a few things on the comp and still nothing happens!!!
    BTW i have stopped using pacenet since the last 2 months...coz i am not in mumbai as of now

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    Sep 2004
    Location Borivli west Mumbai
    MTNL Dial up Regular
    Connection speeds 44kbps to 50kbps
    Transfer rate Day:4KBps night:5 - 5.5KBps
    No downtimes. Always connects the first time. I extensively use p2p for dloading isos on my dial up . Daily dloads--100MB to 120MB Uploads--around 50MB=150MB data transferred everyday(both ways). Use edonkey 2000 pro and am getting really goo speeds compared to othe p2p (like Kazaa lite)
    So far so good but-----
    Cost: Rs 24 + 8= Rs 32 per hour approx
    Monthly MTNL tel bills = Rs3500-4000
    Reccomended-- Hell no unless you are uber rich

    I contacted TATA dsl , Iqara , In cable , MTNL xDSL but none of them were offering broadband in my area. I see that now a days even people in smaller
    cities have got Broadband and I am still stuck with $hitty Dial up here in Mumbai.

    Now planning to go for scheme B of MTNL with dedicated phone line.
    Rs3000 refundable deposit + Rs700 a month
    expected connection speed 56Kbps and dload 5-6KBps

    Anyways anybody from borivli west has got broadband yet????
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    Oct 2004
    Location: Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai
    Provider: Rajesh Cablenet (b/w provider EXATT)
    Rated speed: 128Kbps.
    Actual speed: browsing 8-12KBps (the page usually loads before the meter peaks)
    downloading 10-16KBps sustained depending on the source and server load.
    No of Connections: 2 ( 1 shared b/w 2 PCs, 1 dedicated for 3rd PC ).
    Rates: around 1000pm if paid monthly, around 7.5K if paid yearly, dunno latest rates

    Location: Ghatkopar (W), Mumbai.
    Provider: Genstar (b/w provider EXATT)
    Rated speed: 128Kbps.
    Rates: around 1000pm + taxes.
    three connections as office use is heavy, similar performance, only this is a PPPoE connection and i get a real IP.
    Rig1 (Main) - AXP 2000+, 512MB, 40GB, ASUS A7V8X, GeForce MX400 64MB, Samsung 753s 17", Altec Lansing AVS500, Logitech KBD, Dexxa Optical Scroll Mouse
    Rig2 - Cel 500, 256MB, 13GB, ASUS CUV4X, Matrox G400 Dualhead 32MB, Viewsonic 14"

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    vishal kadakia Guest

    isp-- igate contact 24010253

    speeds--- good 20k at day and uncapped after midnight....awesome na

    i reccon any1 in south mumbai to go for it

    they also come w/o cable operators

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    Oct 2004
    hmmm...I noticed that most people have mixed up the diiff between kbps and KBps
    "b"=bits, "B"=bytes...
    Network speeds are traditionaly represented in kbps while files etc are repreented using KB
    so on a diall up connection at say 56kbps, a file download would happen at 56/8=7KBps (which is what many refer to as the thoroughput speed)

    BTW i have a HATHWAY 64kbps connection...get between 50-70 kbps ~~ file d/ speed of around 6-9 KBps ..i.e. 1 meg file in around 2-2.5 mins
    Just as the clouds have gone to sleep
    Angels can be seen in heaven's keep
    Alone in fear they question why
    Goddamn not an angel when I die !!!

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    Crazy_Eddy Guest
    Quite True Abhi, many people do interchange the terms Kb and KB.
    I believe thats a major reason why many people were misled by "broadband" at 64Kbps not realising their old dial-ups were not too far away at 56Kbps.
    However its a good sign that many people including yourself are very well aware of this fact and more are increasingly becoming aware of this fact too

    Keep posting folks!

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    Jul 2004
    using hotwire india
    north delhi

    getting dload speed at..
    SUXXXX for my needs as i dload almost all tha time ..
    but at least its stable
    as long as keep my cable wallah gunned...

    charges 1100 a month ...
    now i am thinkin tis too much ..

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    deadman Guest
    wish there was t3 in india

    I have bsnl dialup
    d/load speed-3-5k[day][night-i have never used it after 9]
    (has improved 2 this level in the last month only b4 it was 1-2k)
    It cost me 1500 4 a 200hr pack i think it has a validity of 3yrs it will hardly last for 3 months

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    FireFox Guest
    Hi All!

    Mine is about 10 - 15 Kbps with cable modem connection, I use LinkNet as my ISP.but.... this ISP si SUX! It down to often! It cost about US$60/ Month.
    Im not suggesting you should use mine, beside it might not found around India, coz Im from Indonesia.

    The indonesian ISP is pathetic, It cost alot but the service always BAD!

    I wonder how ISP services in India?! It must be cool isn't it?

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    Systemic Anamoly Guest

    well by reading this thread u should have come to know bout the indian ISP status
    it aint that good to brag about on an average we are still Hooked up in KBps line although there are people who have the capacity of providing Home Users MBps Connections but it is all up to them
    So we can only hope tht more gateways should open in india and each and every home users should get an equal share of the MBps connection

    Currently there are only 2 gateways (owner TATA and Reliance) compared to 33 of US (i think)
    correct me if i am wrong.

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    Nov 2004
    Ottawa, Canada
    i went here and my speed is

    2004-11-03 21:35:07 EST: 3285 / 654
    Your download speed : 3364524 bps, or 3285 kbps.
    A 410.7 KB/sec transfer rate.
    Your upload speed : 669828 bps, or 654 kbps

    using on using mandrake 10 & Firbird
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.7.3) Gecko/20041028 Firefox/1.0RC1
    hawk here :
    slackware 10; Debian Sarge; Netbsd; server Openbsd; Windows 2000

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