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Thread: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

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    Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    I was visiting the website of Vodafone and surfing for 3G internet plans when I came across the terms like mobile internet and mobile Broadband. After reading these terms I am bit confused about what is the difference between these terms. I mean they both sound same to me and also their purpose. Can someone explain me these terms?

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    Re: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    There is a great difference between these two terms. Mobile Internet means the internet connection that you get in your mobile phone only. You cannot use this internet connection outside your phone unlike mobile broadband. In mobile broadband, you can use your smartphone or mobile phone as modem or source for internet if it permits. For example, you can activate mobile broadband in your mobile phone and you can use your mobile phone as modem to get internet on your computer. Many mobile phones have phone suites which can be used to do so.

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    Re: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    You decision of selecting among the mobile internet and mobile broadband depends upon the way you use internet. For example, if you need to surf internet just for small purposes like chatting or to download songs or games, then you can use mobile internet as you can access various websites that provide these stuff.

    You can access most of the social networking website and other websites too. But if you need to work on internet for most of the time, like web surfing for professional use, then mobile broadband will be useful for you. You can surf the full fledged and heavy websites like and so on. This is not possible on mobile internet.

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    Re: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    Mobile internet is designed such that it will not open the full fledged website and web pages. It will restrict the use of internet only for certain mobile based website. For example, if you have started Facebook on your mobile phone using mobile internet, you will see that website that is accessible from mobile internet is different and the one accessible from computer or larger devices is different.

    The website that opens on mobile phone isnít having complete features as that on the PC version of the website.

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    Re: Vodafone 3G Mobile internet vs. Mobile Broadband

    With mobile broadband, you will have complete internet access like any other broadband internet. You can also use internet on mobile as well as on PC or laptop. The only thing is that your mobile phone should have feature of hosting the internet for some other device. Also if your phone has Wi-Fi hosting, then Iíd say that you should go with mobile broadband as it will be possible to work on your laptop without having you to connect the phone to it.

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