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Thread: BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

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    BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

    I have a Quidway WA1003A modem at my home and I have subscribed to BSNLís internet connection. Yesterday, I got call from BSNL saying that the internet connection has been activated and their technician will come to install it in my PC. But since I am working person, the technician came home during my absence. I have made the connections right with the modem and I need help with the settings of the modem in my computer. Can someone tell me how to install the BSNL internet connection using Quidway WA1003A modem manually?

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    Re: BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

    You will need to run the Setup.exe file from the installation disk that you must have got or else you can download it from the website of BSNL. After running the setup, you will see a Windows logo testing which isnít necessary and can be skipped. Maybe the security of your computer will block the setup and you will see a prompt regarding it. Unblock the setup to continue. After the installation is complete, start the modem and see to it that the USB connector from modem is connected to the CPU. The system will detect new hardware and install it. Thus your modem will be ready to use.

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    Re: BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

    If you want to create a PPPoe connection using the Quidway WA1003A modem, then you can do it too. Go in the control panel of your system under which you have to enter the network settings. Here in the network settings, you will have to create new network connections. A wizard will start as soon as you click on ĎCreate connectioní option. This wizard will prompt you to connect you to internet which you will have to do. Then choose to configure the internet connection manually and connect to the Broadband connection. Put in the username and password as it is necessary. Then name the ISP as broadband and click next. You will need to put the username and password again and add the shortcut to the desktop.

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    Re: BSNL Modem selection and troubleshooting tips

    If you want to configure the Microsoft Outlook along with the BSNL connection too. Start the Microsoft Outlook and go in the tools and go in the options for setting accounts. Click on mail and add the username and email ID. Then you will need to enter the incoming mail service address as Similarly you will also need to put outgoing mail server address as Click next and again you will be prompted to enter your email address and password. Now go in the properties and then in the option with name Server. Then set authentication requirement for outgoing mails from Microsoft Outlook. Then click finish and restart Microsoft Outlook. You mail service is now ready to use.

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