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Thread: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

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    How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    I have noted down one of the best feature of BPL which really impressed me a lot. I have noticed that with BPL we can easily forward the email to a specific email ID and then we can also get those emails onto our mobile phone through SMS. Itís not that I am just aware of this feature, in fact I have already tried it with my BPL mobile few years ago (not sure whether the feature is still available for the latest loop). Previously with my BPL I used to email at a specific ID which included our personal number followed with and thatís it I used to get the email through sms.

    Now my requirement is with Vodafone. I wanted to know whether the same thing is possible with Vodafone or not? If yes then how? Anyone who is aware of this option.

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    Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    The same feature is also available in Vodafone too but I am not sure whether the service is available for all the users. The name given to this service is Network Monitoring Alerts. As far as I know it is only limited with all the Enterprise users as the service comes under Enterprise Services. Anyways like BPL in Vodafone too you will be given a unique email id where you just have to email at before @ you should enter your 10 digit number. Make sure that in place of Number you enter your own Vodafone contact number in order to receive the mail via SMS.

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    Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    Thatís a great option but the service really annoys a lot due to its limited accessibility and restrictions. Firstly as already said above this service is only available to Enterprise Users which disallows any normal usual individual users from using the service. The worst problem is that if you try to get the details of this service from the Customer Care they wonít be able to help you as according to them they are not the one to explain about this service. Instead you will have to contact the Enterprise Service Sales people to get the complete details.

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    Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    To be frank I am sure about such services on any network SIM. There may be or may not be such service existing in any network providerís SIM but however I do have some other alternative tricks which may help you with the same requirement. If you search on internet I am user you will end up getting several services and other applications that helps the user in getting the emails alerts or the entire email into their phone through SMS regardless of what SIM you use and also without taking any help from the network provider.

    Anyways, currently there are two options going around in my mind for you. First is IFTTT service. Now the IFTTT service is something that will not just help you to get the email alert but also you can get to establish a power connection. The other one would be mobee. Mobee can help you to get all your emails into your mobile phone easily. For more details visit Mobee webpage.

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    Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    IFTTT is a good option but I guess the user will not be able to get the entire email into his mobile as this service is only able to forward the subject of the email and also the details of the sender. Overall you can simply get the overview of your emails but not the main body of it. If this is fine for you then you can go for IFTTT.

    There are other applications too present on internet which might help you with getting all the emails on your mobile phone through SMS without paying anything. But mostly all of them just acts a notified which gives you the email alert and nothing else.

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    Re: How to forward email and get it as SMS in Vodafone?

    I purchased my Nokia phone from AT&T and even I was in need of activating the same thing into my phone. I simply followed the following procedure:

    1. First got the email address of my mobile from the carrier. If you are on AT&T then it might be your number followed by If you arenít sure about it than simply get it confirmed from your carrier
    2. Now visit the email account from any browser. If you have an account on Gmail, go to settings then Mail settings and then Filters
    3. Now there in filter you will get certain option asking you about how do you exactly want email to be filtered. You can filter with just the subject of the mail or only with the email address or you can also get it with both
    4. Make sure that your phone number is verified. Once verified a confirmation code will be sent to you. Done.

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