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Thread: How to get rid of add on packages on Tata Sky DTH

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    How to get rid of add on packages on Tata Sky DTH

    So anyone who can answer my question? My TATA Sky DTH is 6 month old. From the initial time onwards I was on the same package and now I need to change everything. Planning to disable certain package and then enable the other one. As I am going to do it the first time I really donít have any idea of doing it. Let me tell you in detail, I want to disable the music packaged that I enabled previously and then enable Hindi Movies. People say that disabling add on packages are quite difficult. I am not well aware of anything. Please suggest me with a suitable suggestion.

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    Re: How to get rid of add on packages on Tata Sky DTH

    I donít think you yourself will be able to do it. why to waste your time in creating a thread and then awaiting for a reply that would suggest you to contact TATA Sky for downgrading your package. I generally do the same, whenever I am in need of removing an add on package I simply call up the care support at the Toll free number that has been suggested to me and then they guide me with the further things. There is no requirement of you doing anything by yourself. Even if need to do anything, TATA Sky might suggest you with the appropriate steps. Anyways if you need to contact them then here are the
    • TATA Sky helpline numbers:
    • Delhi: 011 6000 6633
    • Mumbai: 022 6000 6633
    • Kolkata: 033 6000 6633
    • Chennai: 044 6000 6633
    • Bangalore: 080 6000 6633

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    Re: How to get rid of add on packages on Tata Sky DTH

    But the question is that when they have options to Add Add-On Packages and Upgrade Base Packages on their website and at other places then why donít they have options to remove or downgrade the same? This is really disgusting and annoying. What the customers will do if they need to remove an Add on package on an urgent basis? I guess instead of having a manual option of adding the package they should rather have the facility of removing the package manually with some simple steps. I donít believe that calling them up will really help me out. Mostly I have noticed the customer service number always remains busy or unreachable.

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    Re: How to get rid of add on packages on Tata Sky DTH

    Yeah you are right. I completely agree with your statement. Customer number of all the companies behaves the same. I did called up Tata Sky on a toll free number that I got from my friend. When I called at that number firstly they confused me with providing several different options and told me to select one amongst them. For first 3 or 4 minutes I kept on playing around with their option selection game. Then ultimately I was on line with a Tata sky executive. Guess what? The call disconnected after 5 minutes automatically. When I told my friend about this thing he explained me that the toll free numbers that he provided me gets discontinued after 5 minutes. So the only option we have while on call is to make the request as soon as possible before the time exceeds 5 minutes. I guess some other option is better to be tried out.

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