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Thread: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

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    How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    Hi. I am having 1 Desktop and 2 Laptops at my home connected with MTNL Broadband using MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router. Now the problem is sometimes i get problem in connectivity and few times my connections drops. While workaround i found that the problem is with my wifi router. SO i decided to upgrade its firmware as i guess its been too old now. its current firmware version is

    Now as i know, though its provided by MTNL the manufacturer of 450TC1 is Beetel. So i searched their site for any upgrade and i found few new firmwares but they haven't mentioned the term "MTNL" anywhere, but yes they have mentioned "450TC1". So i wanted to know are those firmware compatible with my MTNL Wifi Router 450TC1 ? If not, please let me know how and from where can i get new firmware for my Router ?

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    Re: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    The problem you mentioned above can surely be fixed with the firmware update. And yes, though it is provided by MTNL, you can download firmware for 450TC1 from beetel's site itself as they are the manufacturer of the router. Alternatively you can download the said Firmware from here.

    For more info on this, checkout this discussion:
    Need a firmware upgrade for Airtel Wifi Router 450 TC1

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    Re: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    I have recently purchased a new Buffalo WCR-GN router and I am looking to configure this router with my Airtel 450TC1 in WDS mode. While trying to search for some solutions for my querie I came to know that I have to upgrade the firmware of Airtel 450TC1 so that I can have the WDS option. So can I use the above firmware for updating my router? Thanks

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    Re: How to update firmware for MTNL 450TC1 Wifi Router

    I think that you can use the firmware that is replied in the above post. After downloading the firmware you will need to reset the mode and then try to update and do all the configuration. Just enter this address in your address bar - and then login to the router page. After that go to Advanced Setup > Nat > Choose 'Add' > Custom Server (name anything) > and then write down Port number like 'External Port Start' & 'External Port End' > Save/Apply > Restart.

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