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Thread: Using IBALL Baton 150M with reliance broadnet

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    Using IBALL Baton 150M with reliance broadnet

    I do have a Reliance broadnet connection at my place connected to the UTstar UT300R2 ADSL modem. Yes I do have a ADSL modem already installed at my place. There is no problem with the connection or with accessing internet. But as I have bought some more devices at my place I was forced to get a wifi connection and for doing that obviously was supposed to get a new wifi enabled router. However after searching a lot I found IBALL Baton 150M as a suitable one which came under my budget too.

    But now it looks like the connection is not getting established properly. I am unable to access internet even at my main PC. What exactly I did was first taken off the cable wire from the UTstar UT300R2 modem and then connected it to the Baton router and somehow I managed to connect the router to the Dynamic IP mode. Let me tell you that after establishing I didnít have any issue with the router or the connection. The internet started properly but there was some interruption during the startup like, at the first time I was made to enter my Reliance broadnetís user name and password into the reliance webpage. I wasnít able to skip it or reboot the connection as every time I ended up getting the same thing. However this interruption not just stops me from accessing any page but also it disallows me to access my own wifi connection i.e. I am not able to connect my other laptop to the machine. After entering the required details with the router being configured as PPPOE mode still I was not able to connect anything. Please help me out, what should I do to get rid of the reliance webpage.

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    Re: Using IBALL Baton 150M with reliance broadnet

    For your kind information let me tell you that you wonít be able to get a wifi connection established with your reliance broadnet. Reliance broadband actually does not function with any of the wifi based routers. so better stop dreaming about it. Instead you can contact the Tech support of reliance and get everything cleared from there. I am not sure but heard that the reliance broadnet have some loophole in it. There were certain users who were able to connect multiple computers to the router and able to use the same internet connect without any wifi connection. Not just this also the speed use to get doubled even after having such internet connection, still didnít get any update about this issue. might be due to this reason reliance broadnet never tried to come up with a wifi connection or any such routers.

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