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Thread: Bad service from Reliance customer care

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    Bad service from Reliance customer care

    I live in Mumbai and just last month I purchased a Reliance Netconnect for internet service. The internet plan for which I had applied was to give me 3.1 Mbps of speed and 5 GB of data usage per month. But when I started using the internet, I realized that the speed of the internet was very low according to the mentioned 3.1 Mbps. I checked the speed and found that it was running at 1.3 Mbps. During middle of the week, this speed of internet went even low. When trying to find out the reason behind it, I found that I was actually using some other plan rather than what I had subscribed for. I contacted the Reliance customer care and talked about this problem with them. They said that they will need to check their database. After calling some two days later, they said that they will be sending their technician to verify the problem first had. But no one came till I called them again after three days. Even this call went in vain. Is there any other person who has faced problems due to bad customer care provided by Reliance?

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    Re: Bad service from Reliance customer care

    Reliance claims to be one of the best in India, but when I was using it, I got the worst network ever. I stay in Nashik and the service from Reliance us very bad in our city. Every time I call the customer care to know what the problem is with the network, they say that they are upgrading their servers and other systems. Due to this, they are not able to provide proper signals to their customers. I have even given my complaint in written format, but I never got any reply from them. The only time Relianceís system is not going under any change or upgradation is when itís time to send monthly bill to the customer. I have emailed to their head department, but they too failed to solve my problem. I think that it is time when I stopped using Reliance Netconnect and switched to some another internet service provider.

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    Re: Bad service from Reliance customer care

    The service of Reliance depends from region to region. Now Reliance provides its internet service all over India. They must be having lakhs of service centres and spread all over the country. Just because some people of one service centre didnít give you proper services that doesnít mean the whole Reliance is bad. Maybe the network in your region in your area is not as good as other, but I donít think that Reliance is a bad internet service provider. My sister had internet provided by Reliance and I had used it many times. I never found anything wrong with it. It was a decent service and nothing too bad or too good about it. I am using internet service provided by Airtel and it is also good. It is similar to Reliance and the only difference is in the plans and their price.

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    Re: Bad service from Reliance customer care

    Since you live in Mumbai, Iíd suggest you that you should use MTNLís internet. Being a government organization, they will provide you the proper service they claim to have. I am using MTNLís service from past three years and in very rare cases I have found any reason to complain. Their service is also good and in recent months, they have improved their service a lot. If any problem occurs in the internetís connection, you just book a complaint in their automated customer care centre. They will either solve the problem without asking you or will get back to you in three to four hours. Also the price set for their internet plans is very as compared to the private internet providers. Also the bill is never wrong or has any incorrect data. With their large centres across Mumbai, you can drop in any centre if you have any doubt and the people there will solve it for you. If you are planning to switch from Reliance, the MTNL is best option in Mumbai.

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