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Thread: Looking for Cheapest 3G plan for tablet

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    Looking for Cheapest 3G plan for tablet

    After the last news that I found about Airtel cutting out 3G rate I hope we can get more benefit now. I do not like the data limit they pose. It is too less for a 3G network. I have a tablet in which I use skype for video calling. The lowest plan that I purchase provided me only 300mb limit which is mostly consumed within 2 week on useless Android updates. I cannot simply rely on this. I heard that many telecom providers are simply reducing their existing plan and provide more data size limit. The best and lowest limit for users like me will be 1GB. Because you all know that if you go for any android game it will cost you around 5 to 8 mb easily. And the amount that I can pay happily lies below Rs. 500.

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    Re: Looking for Cheapest 3G plan for tablet

    In my views still the 3G plan are costly. I can provide you information the lowest price plan provided by different providers. Like Airtel offers 100mb usage for Rs.99. And 1Gb for Rs. 250. While if you go for 4GB then you have to pay 450. This plans are same in postpaid connection. On the same hand Vodafone charges you Rs. 109 for 300mb and Rs.249 for 2GB. Compared to Airtel this looks a bit more cheaper. While BSNL charges you only Rs.99 for 300mb and the same goes for MTNL also. Idea charges Rs.100 for the same. There is quiet a difference in 3G among the different providers. Have a look on table below.

    300mb Data Usage Cost on 3G:
    • Airtel - Rs. 99 for 300mb
    • Vodafone - Rs. 109 for 300mb
    • BSNL - Rs. 100 for 300mb
    • MTNL - Rs. 99 for 300MB
    • Idea - Rs. 100 for 300mb

    1GB Data Usage Cost on 3G:
    • Airtel - Rs. 250 for 1GB
    • Vodafone - Rs. 249 for 1GB
    • Reliance GSM - Rs. 255 for 1GB
    • BSNL - Rs. 250 for 1.2GB
    • MTNL - Rs. 250 for 1GB (Rs. 149 for 500mb)
    • Idea - Rs. 250 for 1GB

    2GB Data Usage Cost on 3G:
    • Airtel - Rs. 450 for 2GB
    • Vodafone - Rs. 449 for 2GB
    • Reliance GSM - Rs. 449 for 2GB
    • BSNL - Rs. 450 for 2.5GB
    • MTNL - Rs. 450 for 2.2GB (Rs. 350 for 1.5GB)
    • Idea - Rs. 450 for 2GB(Rs. 350 for 1.5GB)

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    Re: Looking for Cheapest 3G plan for tablet

    You had not noticed, there was steep fall in 3G prices when it was released. I still remember to pay Rs.750 for 1GB. And as the price mentioned below I found 2GB more affordable. Almost all rates are similar. It does not looks that any of them are charging above limit. In my views there will be far more better connectivity support, because in my area the 3g connectivity is very poor.

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